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Determining the Cost of Shipping

Is there a way to figure out the general cost of shipping an item?

Unfortunately, there isn’t one indicator or gauge that can determine the general cost of a shipping service. Different companies mean different standards and different rules, not to mention different services. Parcel shipping, for instance, is generally cheaper than most types of package delivery, except maybe for regular mail. What doesn’t vary, however, is the indicators used by shipping companies to determine the cost of shipping.

There are three basic factors that will dictate the shipping service’s cost: the weight of the package, the size of the package, and the distance to be traveled for the delivery. Weight, of course, pertains to the item in terms of pounds or kilos; size pertains to the items in terms of inches. Distance pertains to the interval between the origin of the item and its destination.

The shape and the nature of the item can also determine the cost of shipping. A rectangular box, for instance, is easily to measure in terms of size. But how do you measure an oddly shaped item that requires special packaging. Shipping services are most likely to employ special measure procedures here to determine the delivery’s price. As for the item’s nature: delivering a liquid package may entail different rates since it may require different shipping requirements.

Of course, the actual service chosen will pay a big part here is as well. A package delivered through parcel shipping will entail lower costs compared a similar package delivered through air freight. Mainly, this is because of the means used to deliver the package. Even similar shipping services can cost differently, depending on the standards set by the shipping company.

The particular item being sent, regardless of its size and weight, can also the cost of shipping. Certain items are more expensive to ship compared to others. Electronics, for instance, are pricier to ship compared to other items like jewelry and books. In websites such as Amazon and eBay, computers are the most expensive to ship, while music CDs and DVDs are the cheapest.

Cost of shipping will be drastically different if the item being shipped is of a much bigger scale. Shipping evaluators may be required to determine the exact cost of shipping for bigger and bulk shipping (this is usually the case when moving items when moving from one household to another). Some websites have shipping calculators. Although they may not offer the exact cost of shipping, they can give you a general idea of the service’s price.

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